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Updated Jan. 18, 2022

I put my Chem II content online, due to COVID, over the course of 8 months starting in March 2020 when we were transitioning in our classroom delivery model. It is built using Hugo and Blogdown and is written in Markdown, R, Rmarkdown, LaTeX, and HTML, most of which I started learning in 2019. The idea was to make this content as accessible to students as possible, particularly those who were unable to attend class because of the pandemic.


  • Example/Practice problems created (with solutions): 107
  • Timed Assessment videos created: 31
  • Timed Assessment questions created: 93
  • Online lecture slides created: 580
  • Lecture videos created: 30
  • Lecture video length (total): 9 hours

Lifetime Analytics

  • Users: 55,941 from 165 countries
  • Page Views: 602,869


Coding Examples

Example 1: Practice problem with collapsible solution

Example 2: Using R to plot titration curves

Example 3: Example problem with table

Example 4: Example problem with collapsible solution